A-Wing delivers The Hacienda Classical

A-wing presents Hacienda Classical at Williamson Park, Lancaster

The Brief: Help us promote our Hacienda Classical gig at Williamson Park.

Our longstanding clients A-Wing asked us to help them promote their Hacienda Classical gig at Williamson Park in Lancaster.  After the massive success of A-Wing at Lancaster prison we knew that this event was going to be massive.  We also knew that the imagery was going to have to grab peoples attention from the first second.

We met up with legendary DJ Graeme Park to find out what he loves about the music and the venue. A-Wing wanted us to get Graeme’s passion for the classical events and translate that into video clips they could use for their social media promotion of the event. They wanted some social media ‘snippets’ and a 5 minute short showing Graeme Park explaining what the Hacienda is up to and why Lancaster.

Graeme was pleasure to work with and gave us loads of brilliant footage. Not only was he passionate about his craft he was also really knowledgeable about the monument at the park and even about the local area. He talked about his experiences DJing at the Prison and how fantastic that was.

For update on A-Wings future gigs check out their facebook page here


With a very short time frame Marmalade Toast delivered 3 promotional teasers and a 5 minute film. The promotion of these videos on social media led to a 160% rise in tickets sales in just 8 days.

The stats for the number of shares and the number of views were some of the highest we have ever had.Within 48 hours we had nearly 30,000 views on Facebook and just over 20,000 shares. Once the Hacienda posted it onto their page these numbers went through the roof!

It’s always a pleasure to show a client the true power of video!

Graeme Park