Addo Food Group

Headshots and coverage of the Addo Food Group launch conference

Addo Food Group

The Brief:

Pork Farms Group relaunches as Addo Food Group. The company is the leading supplier of pork pies and other savoury chilled products in the UK. This has been since it’s original inception as the Walls brand back in 1786. Move forward 230 years and the ever expanding group was ready to relaunch with a new brand Addo Food group. Addo means to inspire and the leadership wanted a video that would inspire their staff and communicate the long term vision of the company. Addo is the premium producer of chilled savoury pastry products in the UK. The Group has a passion for food and this comes through in the quality and range of its products.

They wanted a video that they could roll out to all of their staff nationwide and the senior management required some new headshots.


We documented the whole day and produced a video which has been shown to all of their staff nationwide. As the video was for internal use only we cannot show the production here however we can show you the photography. We shot their senior management team in a very relaxed informal setting which fits nicely in with their branding. You can see some of the images from that day on their website here:

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Addo Food Group - Chris Peters
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