Kate Vincent


My gorgeous wife Kate is the brains behind Marmalade Toast, she started the business and is the main reason that we have been so successful. She worked in TV straight out of college and went on to get her degree in Experimental Film picking up a national film makers award at the same time. After working for Sky, Channel 4 and various independent production houses she turned her hand at shaping the new generation of film makers by lecturing in Media at the University of Central Lancashire. Whilst working full time for UCLAN Kate decided that she would do her Masters Degree and successfully completed this in 2006. In 2007 she started Marmalade Toast and brought all of that experience into delivering superior quality content to her own clients.

She is fiercely proud of what she does and what she has created and I would put her skills and creativity against any big production house north of Land’s End. Kate has a fantastic creative eye and has a phenomenal talent for understanding what a client is about; who they are; what the business wants to achieve and who they want to market to and then condensing that down into 60 secs of loveliness that tells the whole story in full HD.

I am always proud to work alongside her and even more proud that she chose to become my wife. We have two amazing kids and, even though we both do 60 hours a week most of the time we love the flexibility of running our own company and wouldn’t have it any other way.