Marmalade Toast

About us

So, you want to know who we are? Well, the first question we always get asked is “why are you called Marmalade Toast?” Honestly it’s all Chris Evans‘ fault! Kate was listening to his drive time show on Radio 2 one evening in 2007 when he asked for great names for a band. A lady emailed in that her cats were called Marmalade and Toast and she thought that would be a super name for a band. Kate’s ears pricked up and she thought it would be a great name for a company and  decided to Google it… Awesome, it was available so, was born!

Kate says …

I had ‘served my time’ in the TV industry and had even had a stint lecturing, then I saw a gap in the market for a London quality production company with Blackburn prices! I felt strongly (and still do) that good quality imagery, be it moving or still, is creativity worthy of investment but doesn’t need to break the bank.

I’ve been lucky enough to work all over the world with Marmalade Toast and although our little people keep me closer to home these days, we’ve managed to open offices in London, Lancashire and Lincolnshire and are on our way to world domination!

Over TEN years later, a complete evolution of the brand, the logo and our attitude, a wedding, two children and a fair few awards and we’re happier than ever! I started the business as a specialist video company and over time we have grown into being a unique Visual Agency. We’re not just Video now, we do Motion Graphics, Infographics, Vlogs,  and Photography too. We’ve met some amazing people along the way and we’re enjoying every minute. If you want to be a part of our ever growing team or want to work with us, give us a shout!



Kate Vincent
MD, Film Maker, Sales Director, Child Wrangler and Apple Guru

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Allan Vincent
Photographer, Creative Director, Breakfast Maker and Nikon Lover

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