Allan Vincent


So, my Mr Vincent! He’s an awesome husband, super dooper Papa, all round great guy and a really talented photographer!

After many years as a salesman in different disciplines, Allan decided to pursue his passion for photography and go it alone. Taking that scary step meant Hot Coffee Photography was born in 2006. He says the name came from the fact that his morning coffee was his life’s little luxuries!

Cut to late 2007 and we meet on a shoot in Spain. “Have you met Allan from Hot Coffee?” Me being from Marmalade Toast I thought someone was having me on! We didn’t see each other for a while after that shoot but when we worked together again, we clicked.

It doesn’t feel like a job when you do something you love, when you get to work with someone you love too, it’s awesome!

So, 2012 and I decide to exploit, (Sorry, I mean employ) Allan! Then Marmalade Toast became a top tag team and that let me focus on where we were going next. 2014, two amazing daughters, becoming Mrs Vincent and getting through to the finals of theĀ BiBA’s. It’s been a hell of a ride but I’m so pleased to have a supportive husband by my side every step of the way. We’re on for making it to the big ten now… Watch this space!